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Wakefield roofing benefits from draining provided by quality gutters.

Gutters: The Unsung Hero

How Gutters Protect Your Roof

When your roof is damaged, our homes are at risk of flooding, and other damages due to weather and other outside sources. As Gatineau and Wakefield roofing experts, we see this all too often. That’s why many homeowners spend the extra cash buying top-notch shingles and insulation to ensure our homes are safe and secure from the wind, rain, and snow.

There is one aspect to roof care that is often overlooked and severely underappreciated – gutters! When most homeowners think of their gutters, unpleasant memories of nasty, muddy clogs (and having to climb up shaky ladders to clean them out) spring to mind.

Wakefield roofing, not to mention all roofs in general, would not be as durable as it is without some much needed help from partnered gutters. Gutters aren’t just there as an easy punishment for unruly children, they protect our roofs in a couple of ways.

Water Damage

Water damage is the one of the most common issues a home can face. When water is able to collect, it can permeate foundations and other surfaces, causing wear and damage. Gutters were specifically made to make sure this does not happen. By using a rain barrel, you can collect water for use in a nearby garden or other purposes. By draining excess rain water, gutters ensure there is no residual standing water collecting on your property. 

Ice Dams

Canadians know all too well the kinds of damage snow and ice can cause. It slicks our roads, and freezes our car doors shut. When it comes to roofing, melting snow can cause ice dams. Ice dams are the result of water runoff from melting snow refreezing around the edge of your roof. Without a gutter’s support and drainage, our roofs would more than likely be destroyed every winter. Canadian homeowners also know how costly a full roof repair can cost – imagine having to do that every year!

So next time you’re admiring your home, or maybe even your roof, remember that gutters leant a helping hand toward keeping it safe, and sturdy. Water damage, and ice dams can cause some serious damage to your Wakefield roofing; gutters keep your roof and your home safe and dry.

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