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Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips

Tips for Annual Roofing Maintenance Before the Snow Arrives

Now that we’re deep into autumn, the chilly weather can lead to a snowfall at any time. And while winter is still officially several weeks away, it doesn’t hurt to get ahead on home maintenance before the cold, snowy weather is here to stay.

One major part of your home that you must inspect and repair prior to winter is your roof. With proper roofing maintenance, you can ensure that you and your home is kept warm and dry all winter long. Here are some annual roofing maintenance tips to follow before the snow arrives:

Trim the Trees Near Your Home

Now that most trees are almost bare, you can see if any branches are creeping close to your home and roof. Trim these branches so they won’t pose a threat to your roof during a heavy snowfall or winter storm. If you’re not comfortable with heights, hire a professional to trim your trees.

Clean the Gutters

While the colourful fall leaves are scenic, they are not so welcome in gutters. Clogged gutters lead to further headaches, such as mold growth, water splashing on your roof, ice dams forming, and the weight from ice, snow, and debris cracking and warping your gutters. Make sure to keep your gutters clean of leaves, dirt, and debris before winter arrives. Having clean gutters throughout the winter will ensure that meltwater sheds properly from your roof, avoiding costly damage.

Use Gutter Guards

If you’re ready to clean your gutters, but you’re afraid more leaves will fall in, install gutter guards after you’ve cleaned them. These guards prevent debris, including leaves, from landing in your gutters. Gutter guards are caps with small holes so water can still shed properly from your roof into your gutters.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Before the frigid weather arrives, hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof for any problems that could lead to further damage in the winter. Both you and the roofer will be glad you didn’t wait until the cold winter weather arrived to inspect your roof. If there is any damage, the roofer can make repairs prior to winter, avoiding the hazardous winter conditions on roofs, such as snow, ice, and bone-chilling winds.

Make sure your roof is in top condition for winter by following these roofing maintenance tips this fall. A little bit of work now is worth the time and costs you’ll save by avoiding winter damage to your roof. The last thing you’ll want is a leak in your roof this winter, so keep it secure and protecting you and your home all winter long.

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