Though not ideal, toiture roofing in the winter is possible with the right precautions.

The Risks & Benefits of Roofing in Winter

While Winter Weather Isn’t Ideal for Toiture Roofing, It is Possible with the Right Precautions Roofing in Canadian winters can be tough. The shorter, colder days, and blustery weather pose many risks to roofing. And with less sunlight and frigid temperatures, roofers don’t have much time to get the job done in one day. But […]

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DIY roof repairs in Gatineau

Common Summer Roofing Hazards

Here are a few things you should watch out for on your roof during the summer months While summer is the best season to enjoy the great outdoors, summer weather can often be hazardous to homes and roofing. Roofs take the brunt of storms, such as being pelted with hail and falling tree branches. The […]

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