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Gatineau roofing has to be able to stand up to long and often harsh winter weather to avoid all-too-common problems.

Reliable Gatineau Roofing to Last the Winter

The Importance of Durable and Reliable Roofing in Gatineau During the Winter Months

Winter is the toughest season for our homes. Snow, ice, and the frigid cold can cause damage to parts of our homes that are exposed and not well-maintained. And since our roofs sustain the brunt of the winter climate, it is very important to have durable and reliable roofing. A Gatineau roofing company can inspect your roof if you are concerned about whether it will withstand the harsh season.

Often, we only notice a problem with our roofs once it’s too late. With durable and reliable roofing in Gatineau, you can avoid costly heating bills and damage to your home.

Maintain Proper Insulation

A durable roof in good condition will help keep your home insulated during the coldest days. Heat rises, so compromised areas on the roof will cause heat loss. Poor insulation, too, will force you to crank up the heat. Make sure you have proper insulation and keep your roof in good condition to avoid paying high energy bills.

Prevent Ice Dams

Another consequence of poorly-insulated roofs is the formation of ice dams. If there is any heat coming through the roof, especially through cracked shingles, snow on the roof will melt and turn to ice. These ice dams can push up roof shingles and crack gutters, causing even more damage to your roof. A simple roof inspection and repair can help you avoid further serious damage that will cost you in the future.

Avoid Water Damage

If there are any exposed areas on your roof, leaks will occur the moment the snow and ice melt. These leaks can lead to serious water damage in your home if they are not addressed immediately. The costs of repairing water damage, especially when black mold has formed, can be extremely high since parts of your home may need to be gutted and replaced.

Black mold and electrical hazards from water damage pose serious health risks, so avoid these potential risks and costly repairs by having your roof well-maintained for the winter months.

Since our roofs aren’t the easiest part of our home to access, we often forget about them until we notice a problem. Whether that’s water leaking through the ceiling or higher-than-average heating bills, problems with our roofs will become very noticeable in the winter months. Avoid the headaches and costly bills that can arise from a compromised roof in the winter with durable and reliable Gatineau roofing.

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