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DIY roof repairs in Gatineau

DIY Roof Repairs

Tips To Make Roof Repairs While You Wait for Gatineau Roofing Experts to Provide a Lasting Fix

Has your roof has been damaged from a storm or been worn down over time? If so, it is important to repair your roof to prevent water damage both on your roof and underneath. Contact Gatineau roofing experts to ensure that your roof is repaired properly, and in the meantime, consider these DIY roof repairs that you can do for a quick fix.

Asphalt Shingles

  • Using a pry bar, lift up the nails with the damaged strip of shingles;
  • Remove the damaged shingles;
  • Loosen the nails on the strip of shingles above;
  • Slide the new strip of shingles up and underneath the strip above;
  • Place the end of the pry bar over the nails and hit further down the bar with a hammer to push the nails in and hide them.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

  • If you have interlocking or single-lap tiles on your roof, wedge up the tiles beside and above the broken tile to undo the interlocking joints;
  • Unhook the damaged tile from the furring strip and remove the tile;
  • Securely attach the new tile by hooking its nibs over the furring strip;
  • Remove wedges from surrounding tiles;
  • Make sure the new tile is flush with the others.


  • Remove loose pieces of slate;
  • Wind tape around the handle of a hacksaw blade and use the blade to cut away the nails;
  • Nail a strip of lead or a clip on the exposed vertical joint between slates;
  • Put the new slate in place and make sure it fits;
  • Bend the clip or lead strip up and over the slate to keep it in position.

Wooden Shingles

  • Remove the broken shingle with a chisel and hammer;
  • Form a handle on a hacksaw blade using tape and cut through the shingle’s nails with the blade;
  • Slide in the new shingle;
  • Secure the new shingle with nails close to the row above;
  • Use a sealant to seal the shingle’s edges and the nail heads.

Damaged Valleys

If your valley is leaking, you will have to remove the shingles, tiles, or slates along the edge of the valley to expose and replace the damaged valley. When doing so, number the tiles, shingles, or slates with chalk so you know which order they go in when you put them back on. The type of valley you have—typically lead, asphalt open, or single woven—will determine what type to use when replacing the damaged valley.

If you’re up for the challenge, these DIY roof repairs will provide a quick fix and prevent serious water damage to your roof while you’re waiting for Gatineau roofing experts to provide a lasting fix.


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