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DIY roof repairs in Gatineau

Common Summer Roofing Hazards

Here are a few things you should watch out for on your roof during the summer months

While summer is the best season to enjoy the great outdoors, summer weather can often be hazardous to homes and roofing. Roofs take the brunt of storms, such as being pelted with hail and falling tree branches. The sun, heat, and humidity can also wear down roofing over time. So while you’re out enjoying the beautiful summer weather, make sure to keep an eye on your roof from time to time, especially after a storm. If you notice any of the following hazards, contact Gatineau roofing experts for advice and repairs.


Check your roof occasionally throughout the summer for dirt and debris accumulation. The summer heat and humidity is ideal for algae and moss growth on roofs, while tree leaves and birds’ nests will commonly clog gutters. As debris accumulates, gutters cannot properly direct water away from the home, and the additional weight from debris can cause gutters to eventually collapse. You can remove this debris with work gloves, or hire a Gatineau roofing professional to clean your roof. The best time to clean your roof and gutter is in the morning before the sun and heat are at their highest.


If large enough, tree branches and limbs can damage a roof and home during a storm or a windy day. If you notice trees are growing too close to your home, make sure to trim them to avoid future costly damage. A broken window or damaged roof during a storm is not only costly to repair, but can also lead to further water damage inside the home.


A thorough inspection of roofing and gutters is necessary to ensure that your roof is in good working condition. Look for:

  • Loose metal strips around the chimney, ridge, and vents;
  • Damaged or missing shingles;
  • Damaged gutters; and,
  • Deteriorated roofing materials, such as sealants.

If you notice any damage to your roof, repair or replace the damaged materials promptly to avoid costly leaks and water damage.


Even if you’ve inspected your roof recently, a strong summer storm can cause damage, so make sure to keep an eye out for leaks. Look for water marks or mold growth on your top-floor ceilings and walls. If you are concerned about a possible leak, contact your Gatineau roofing experts for a leak inspection and repair.

By keeping an eye on your roof and these potential hazards during the summer months, you can keep your roof in good condition, avoid future damage, and have your roof ready to protect your home at all times, including in the winter.

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