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Chelsea roofing is susceptible to built-up ice and eventual damage during the winter. Learn what to look for and what you can do to protect your roof from damage.

Avoid Ice Dams This Winter

How Ice Build-Up Could Affect Your Roof this Winter and Spring

Glittering Icicles hanging from Chelsea roofing might be a familiar enough image during the winter, but too much ice build-up can be dangerous. When too much heat escapes from roofs in the winter, snow will melt, ice will form, and the ice will eventually build up along the edge of a roof. This build-up of ice, or ice dam, will prevent proper meltwater drainage. Further freezing can then warp shingles and cause even more severe damage to the home.

Not only will ice dams warp and displace shingles, damage roofing, and tear off gutters, but the roof damage and backup of water will also cause severe interior issues. If you notice ice dams forming on your roof, or you want to prevent the formation of ice dams before another winter storm hits, contact your local Chelsea roofing company.

What to Look For

Ice dams are thick ridges of ice hanging over the edge of roofs. From the inside of your home, the first sign of an ice dam is water leaking through the roof.

Roof Damage

Shingles are usually the first part of the roof to be damaged by ice dams. The formation of ice will push underneath shingles, warping and displacing them. The heavy weight of ice dams will also break off gutters or severely warp them. Since ice dams also prevent the proper drainage of meltwater from roofs, a buildup of water will eventually damage the roof’s structure and leak into homes.

Interior Water Damage

Ice dams will eventually cause leaks into the attic and home, especially in the spring when the weather warms up and the snow and ice on the roof melt. Leaks cause water damage that is hazardous and costly. If water gets into the electrical work of the home, there are risks of dangerous and damaging electrical hazards.

Rotting wood and drywall from water damage is another hazard, and could lead to the collapse of ceilings and structures. Mold and mildew growth is another common result of water damage that is both hazardous to your health and costly to remove.

Preventing Ice Dams

Proper roofing, ventilation, and insulation can prevent the formation of ice dams. If your attic is well insulated and ventilated, heat won’t escape easily through your roof and exhaust from vents will go directly outside. Chelsea roofing professionals can also ensure that your roof is protected from the elements and in good condition to avoid damage from ice dams.

If you notice that ice dams have formed on your roof, your shingles are damaged, or you have leaks in your roof, contact your local Chelsea roofing company for fast emergency roofing. Professional roofers can strengthen your roof so you won’t have to worry about the costly damage from ice dams, especially come spring.

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