Flat Roofs: Modern and Sleek

flat-roofingThe modern and sleek design of flat roofs, along with the many possibilities they offer, make them the perfect choice for modern and contemporary neighborhoods; one look at the skyline of a city will reinforce this! Luckily, the team at Toitures DF specializes in flat roofing for residential and commercial projects both big and small! In fact, we’re one of the only roofing companies in the area that specializes in the repair and installation of flat residential roofs with a surface area of less than 3000 square feet; and we don’t charge commercial prices for residential work!

Flat roofs offer endless opportunities for property owners: green space for occupants, large terraces, a community garden, or even solar panels to produce energy for the building. Flat roofs are the perfect solution for large residential or commercial buildings.

However, due to their very low slope, flat roofs should be inspected regularly by a professional to ensure that all materials are properly sealed to prevent water infiltration issues. To counter this problem, our professionals can install a weather-proof seam that will increase the life of the roof, and give it a clean look.

flat-roofing-2In addition, flat roofs require different insulation and surface maintenance than traditional sloped roofs. That’s why it’s important to trust your flat roofing needs to expert roofers, like the team at Toitures DF.

Before taking on a new project, we conduct a comprehensive assessment and examine the roof from every angle: the architecture and age of the building, the efficiency of the insulation, and the quality of the structures. We then propose a personalized action plan that takes into account your long-term needs and your budget.

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